Hi, I'm Neece and I love creating designs, prints and pieces of art that make people happy.
Feel free to contact me for something personalized. :)
I have a passion for books, learning, reading, science and all things geeky. I also care about the environment, so EcoCycled is the most fun and creative way I can do that. My awesome husband Butch is my muse, always coming up with funny ideas. My friend Jeff (who used to be my partner here at EcoCycled but is now pursuing his art and his other business) gets me great books at auctions. And my life wouldn't be complete without my 2 crazy dogs. :)
Old books that have been loved but are no longer easily readable get a second chance with EcoCycled. 
My geekiness permeates my life and my work. I just love being inventive or witty, which shines through the designs I create. But I love that you, my awesome customers, are so clever and smart. I try to find ways to offer a wide variety of innovative and unique artwork with choices in book pages so that you can express your personality as well.
I also grew up with strong ideas about value and quality. Being the cheapest is okay for some, but offering high quality for a fair price is how I operate. I always do my best work. This means that I put extra time into each design to get the details right, I pick out the most interesting books that will print well, and I use ink that is archival quality and will last for over 100 years. Plus the envelopes I ship in are 100% recycled, to have the lowest impact on the environment that I can.
Another value that matters to me is being the best shop I can be. I worked for Disney World for several years and learned the value of great customer service. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee and a desire to have every customer of EcoCycled have a pleasant and delightful experience, I am here to help you make choices, to work with you on a custom design, to let you know when your order has shipped, and to handle any problems that might come up. I keep weird hours, but rest assured, I try to be pretty quick in communicating with you.
When a customer takes the time to let me know they love their print, that makes my whole week. That means I've really made them happy, and that makes me happy. That's why I do what I do. I want to spread a little happiness and some unique art, and let you express yourself with my work. :)
My Shop on Etsy: EcoCycled.etsy.com
You can email me at EcoCycled@gmail.com
Other shops I have:
My Fine Art prints available: Saatchi Art ~ Fine Art America
Get my designs printed on clothing, housewares and much more, under the name Sir Lee Tees:

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